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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nepali Diaspora Investment Fund (NDIF)?

Nepali Diaspora Investment Fund (NDIF) Inc. is a private equity fund that pools investments from the shareholders and invest in the public company securities. It is collectively owned and operated by Nepalese investors and professionals. It generates investment through Security Exchange Commission (SEC)’s Regulation D private placement. The shareholders’ assets are securely deposited into the NDIF’s Investment (Brokerage) Account established in InteractiveBrokers.Com, and are invested in stocks, bonds, options and other derivatives. NDIF is working to register with SEC and establish as a publicly traded first Nepali Diaspora Mutual Fund outside of Nepal.

How do I benefit from NDIF investment?

Your investment will be directly used to purchase shares of value and growth companies, such as financial institutions, technology and communication companies, energy, etc. Our professional fund managers allocate your monies for shares that have high potential of growth and get dividends. We help grow your investment and generate investment for you.

Is there any risk of investment with NDIF?

Investing in capital market or any other business is never a risk free, either we operate our own business or invest in big public companies. Our investors are fully aware that they could lose everything or grow/multiply their investment by investing in capital market. Nevertheless, NDIF management team will try its best to mitigate risk, and maximize returns by implementing various investing strategies, such as portfolio diversification under a set of investing principles and guidelines. Therefore, we expect to have more return and to lessen risks.

How can I get my investment return?

We will distribute dividends (profits) quarterly to our shareholders, which will be based on dividends we receive from the companies we invest. Similarly, you can liquidate your shares anytime. We calculate our NAV in periodic basis. Whatever the NAV of your share for that day, you will get that value after deducting any sales/redemption charges. For example: if you purchased NDIF shares for $100 per share, and if NAV is $120 the day you redeem your share, you will receive $120 per share minus any fees/charges. Our NAV is calculated by automated software based on capital growth our investment brokerage account.

Why don’t I just open brokerage account and invest instead of purchasing NDIF shares?

Investing in shares needs good knowledge about the stock market risks and returns, trading skills, time to monitor how stock market is performing and how the company we invest is doing. Anybody can easily open brokerage account and buy/sell shares, but there is high chance of no growth or loss of capital due to lack of knowledge, skills, time and other factors. We hear that many retail investors lose money in share market. So, NDIF will manage your investment with such skill and knowledge and monitor your investment all the times so that we could stop from loss but grow capital.

Does NDIF charges any management fees or other charges?

Like any other investment management company, NDIF usually charges management fees of 2% of total asset under management (AUM) as well as performance fees of 15% of capital growth so that NDIF could pay for fund managers, investment advisors and operate smoothly. At present, NDIF does not charge sales fees for up to 100 initial investors.

How can I purchase NDIF Shares?

If you like to purchase shares of NDIF Inc., you may contact us. Since we are offering shares privately through private placement, we do not automatically offer shares to everybody. We have certain requirements that you must meet to purchase NDIF shares. Please, kindly contact us if you are closely known to one of our management team members and want to purchase shares of NDIF through private placement.