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Company Overview

Nepali Diaspora Invest Fund Inc. (NDIF) is a collectively owned investment platform that aims to create opportunities for millions of Nepali diasporas and other stakeholders to invest primarily in Nepal as well as other businesses in the US and other countries. NDIF is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, and we are soon planning to establish our branch offices in Nepal, Canada and other countries.

NDIF aims at democratizing the investment opportunities by reaching out to untapped resources from millions of small-scale investors in the US and around the world to form a common and collectively owned investment vehicle. We strive to unleash unprecedented investment potential of ever-growing Nepali diasporas and establish it as a major developmental actor. As such, NDIF aims to become a symbol of collective efforts for the millions of Nepali diasporas connecting them back to their home country Nepal as well as become self-reliant in their country of domicile through investment in profitable and growth-oriented businesses and developmental projects. Additionally, we promote Nepal as a promising investment destination and serve as a gateway to invest in Nepal for non-Nepalis investors.

NDIF has the primary interest of investing in the country’s priority sectors set by the government as well as other productive sectors with high socio-economic impact while maintaining sustainable profits and growth for the long-term. The specific projects for investment shall be thoroughly researched and analyzed by NDIF with a sound technical, managerial and financial judgment. We believe that investment through NDIF will fuel equitable growth by creating jobs and benefiting grassroot Nepalis as a result.

We embrace overall development of Nepal as well as become self-reliant in our country of domicile through collective entrepreneurship while preserving the interests of all stakeholders. We invite every Nepalis living around the world as well as non-Nepalis investors to invest through NDIF and become a part of this landmark opportunity to be a contributor to bring transformational change in Nepal and also establish our entrepreneurial dignity in our country of domicile.


Be a first choice of Nepali diasporas and other stakeholders to build the home country Nepal and be self-reliant in the country of habitual residence.


Build a collective investment corporate portfolio of Nepali diasporas, and invest in and out of Nepal with sustainable profits and growths, and high social impact.

Committed for growth & Profits

Primary Objectives

Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal

We will enhance foreign direct investment (FDI) from Nepali diasporas and other stakeholders. Our 50% of investment will  be in Nepal.

Unify Nepali Diasporas

NDIF will unify Nepali diasporas scattered across the world in corporate culture for collaborative and profitable investments.

Build Corporate Culture

NDIF will build corporate culture among Nepali Diasporas through transparency, accountability, equality and impartiality for collective benefits.

Job Creation for Nepalis

NDIF will invest in business entities that will create as many jobs as possible as well as strong growth and returns for Nepalis.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

NDIF will donate 10% of its net profits for social welfare cause, such as helping poor children for education, health, etc.

Economic Revolutions

NDIF will not only invest in Nepal, but also invest in business structures across the world and bring economic revolutions.