About Us

we provide the solution for asset management

Who we are?

Nepali Diaspora Investment Fund (the “Fund”) Inc. is a pooled investment vehicle that primarily invest in the public company securities in the United States of America. The Fund invest in micro- to mega-cap public companies that are growth potential and income generating. The Fund sells “Shares” of Class A Stock, and shareholder’s capital is then re-invested into the US based public company securities, such as stocks and bonds. The Fund’s investors are primarily the Nepali community people living in the United States, and it is operated by the Nepali fund managers and investment advisors.

The Fund distributes the dividends or interests in quarterly basis to its shareholders, and any capital gains due to sale of stocks or bonds are distributed to the Fund’s shareholders in annual basis.

The Fund aims to publicly offer its securities in near future through registration with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a mutual fund. Once registered and approved by the SEC, the Fund will operate as a mutual fund and offer its shares to the public through OCT market or stock exchanges.

Diversification & Risk Minimization

Investment Strategies

Portfolio Diversification

We diversify our investment portfolio based on different industries, market capitalization, growth potential and cyclical companies.

Dollar Cost Averaging

We believe on dollar-cost averaging by buying stocks in various times, and we try our best to buy low and sell high.

Hedging / Risk Mitigation

We hedge our portfolio with stop-loss and covered call options, and we try to exit the company that is in downfall.

Our Team

  • Sal (Surya) Lamsal

    Board Director

    Mr. Sal (Surya) Lamsal was born and raised in Nepal. He completed his High School in Shivanagar, Chitwan, graduated I.Sc. and B.Sc. from Amrit Science College (ASCOL) and B.E. (Civil Engineering) from Pulchowk Campus.

  • Desh Raj Sonyok

    Chief Executive Officer / Chairman

    Dr. Desh Raj Sonyok is a civil/geotechnical engineer and social entrepreneur based in the Washington DC metro area.

  • Krishna Bhandari


    Mr. Krishna Bhandari, known as Krishna Sadagi, is a dedicated social activist. Sadagi has spent seven years in the government services in Nepal.

  • Dr. Shiva Hari Dahal

    Board Secretary

    Dr. Shiva Hari Dahal has more than fifteen years of work experience in the field of conflict resolution, human rights and development and statebuilding.

  • Ramesh Khanal

    Board Director

    Mr. Khanal has spent seventeen years of his life in civil engineering construction, design, research, and planning works in Nepal, Switzerland and the United States.

  • Milan Karki

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    Milan Karki is a financial advisor, business management consultant and a legal analyst. 

  • Suresh Adhikari

    Board Secretary

    Suresh Adhikari has an extended years of experience in Government contracting.

  • Bishwaman Angdembe

    Chief Financial Officer / Director

    Bishwa Man Angdembe (BMA) is a young professional with knowledge and skills of finance, IT, and education sectors. He is a social-minded young entrepreneur.