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Owned by Nepalis

We the Nepalis, For the Nepalis and By the Nepalis, we can sustain on our own

A Team Of Professionals.

We are young professionals expert in different fields with strong motivation

Global Investment Firm

We plan to establish our branches in other countries of Nepalis’ domicile. 

Nepal: Industrial Revolution

Time has come for industrial revolutions in Nepal building transparent and smooth corporate culture in Nepal as well as obtaining as much foreign direct investment (FDI) as possible. Nepalis are scattered across the globe, but our hearts are always connected towards our homeland. So, NDIF is formed to connect our spirits to be a significant part to bring industrial revolutions in Nepal through collective efforts of all Nepali diasporas.

Social Impact - Jobs and Entrepreneurship

NDIF believes that time has come for Nepalis, either living in or outside of Nepal, to create jobs for themselves through self-employment and common investments. Through collaborative investment in various projects in and outside of Nepal, NDIF will create as many jobs as possible that Nepalis will not have to seek jobs abroad, and even Nepali diasporas should be self-employed in own businesses. NDIF is committed to serve Nepalis both in Nepal and in the country of Nepalis’ domicile through establishments of businesses, job creations and ultimate profit and return on investments.

Return on Investment & Growth

NDIF is committed for smooth growth as well as return on investment to Nepali Diasporas. We will not only get capital return, but also will have generate golden opportunities to self-enhance and self-reliant all Nepalis. We are fully committed to protect the capital of the investors and be transparent and fair to every investor. We thrive to multiply the value of our shares with high demand so that our investors shall be easily sell their shares with strong capital growth.

Time to fly High

Key Investment Areas

Covered diverse businesses

NDIF will invest in hydrpower projects in Nepal. We currently have one 15MW projects being built and other hydropower projects are on line.

Our investment will goes for housing construction and town planning for Nepali diaspora, and building Nepali’s own neighborhood.

NDIF will massively promote tourism in Nepal throughout the world. We have various travel and tourism related projects.

Establish Nepalis own banks across the world to serve Nepali diaspora population, and also invest in Nepal’s profit generating banks.

Providing appropriate education is not only divine service, but also highly growing and profit making business where NDIF will invest.

NDIF will investment in innovative technology in Nepal and elsewhere, such as ISPs, Software Developments, Telecommunications, etc.

Investment in transportation, such as buses, railways and airlines are highly profitable where NDIF will make significant investment.

Investing in Nepal in agro-farming is very profitable and aggressively growing business. NDIF will invest in agro-farming.

NDIF will create different business brands and develop franchise of the businesses around the world for diaspora Nepalis.

Our Little Story

Nepali Diaspora Invest Fund Inc. (NDIF) is a collectively owned investment platform that aims to create opportunities for millions of Nepali diasporas and other stakeholders to invest primarily in Nepal as well as other businesses in the US and other countries. NDIF is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA, and we are soon planning to establish our branch offices in Nepal, Canada and other countries. NDIF aims at democratizing the investment opportunities by reaching out to untapped resources from millions of small-scale investors in the US and around the world to form a common and collectively owned investment vehicle. 


  • NDIF’s goals appeared to be for Nepal and Nepalis, which is absolutely good enough. I believe that Nepalis need to unite not just in social or not-for-profit manner, but also in profitable and corporate form. I believe that NDIF will be a global corporation of Nepali diasporas generating strong revenues and creating massive jobs for Nepal and Nepalis. I wish best of luck for NDIF.

    Rashmi Karki
    Accountant, New York

Our goal is to develop Nepal and Nepalis wherever we are through unified, impartial and transparent corporate culture.

Dr. Desh Raj SonyokCEO/Chairman, NDIF Inc.