We are in the process of forming a mutual fund where all Nepali community members in the US invest for future. Join Us Contact Us We are a team of Nepali professionals and entrepreneurs living in the USA. Our goal is to make us economically strong Join Us Contact Us Jon our investment seminars, learn about investing in America, and save for future Join Us Contact Us

Owned by Nepalis

We the Nepalis, For the Nepalis and By the Nepalis, we can sustain & grow on our own

A Team Of Professionals.

We are young professionals expert in different fields with strong motivation and dedication.

Mutual Fund (Proposed)

We plan to form a first US SEC registered Mutual Fund of diaspora Nepalis

Return on Investment & Growth

NDIF is committed for smooth growth as well as return on investment to Nepali Diaspora investors. We will not only try to achieve capital return, but also will generate golden opportunities to self-enhance and self-reliant all diaspora Nepalis. We are fully committed to protect the capital of the investors and be transparent and fair to every investor. We thrive to multiply the value of our shares with high demand so that our investors shall be easily sell their shares with strong capital growth.

Time to fly High

Key Investment Areas

Covered diverse businesses

Growth and Dividend Stocks

NDIF invests in high growth potential companies that also distribute dividends. 

Corporate Bonds and Treasuries

NDIF invests in municipal and corporate bonds as well as federal treasuries

Portfolio Diversification

NDIF diversify its portfolios in various industrial sectors and sized companies.

Our Little Story

Nepali Diaspora Investment Fund (the “Fund”) Inc. is a pooled investment vehicle that primarily invest in the public company securities in the United States of America. The Fund invest in micro- to mega-cap public companies that are growth potential and income generating. The Fund sells “Shares” of Class A Stock, and shareholder’s capital is then re-invested into the US based public company securities, such as stocks and bonds. The Fund’s investors are primarily the Nepali community people living in the United States, and it is operated by the Nepali fund managers and investment advisors. Learn More

Our goal is to invest our laboriously earned income in multi-national corporations through our collective fund where we Nepalis make a common decision and grow together.

Dr. Desh Raj SonyokCEO/Chairman, NDIF Inc.